Game over

For seven seasons Fantasy Football Agent served up a daily management game based on nothing but the media presence of Premier League footballers. Sadly, all good things come to an end and now is the time for us to shut up shop.

A huge thank you to all the agents who made the game what it was.

All the best, Graham. @grahamsibley

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Roll of Honour

All-Agents League Champions

2012/13 falski
2011/12 falski
2010/11 Revolutionary Biscuit
2009/10 Revolutionary Biscuit
2008/09 quizking
2007/08 Wardonkey
2006/07 quizking

Summer Madness

2012 rigby
2011 Revolutionary Biscuit
2010 falski
2009 Revolutionary Biscuit
2008 shamrockgaels
2007 MarkFry

Agents of the month

May 13rigby
Apr 13kingdong1
Mar 13rigby
Feb 13rigby
Jan 13kingdong1
Dec 12Revolutionary Biscuit
Nov 12Revolutionary Biscuit
Oct 12falski
Sep 12falski
Aug 12falski
Jul 12falski
Jun 12rigby
May 12kingdong1
Apr 12Heart&Hand Loyal
Mar 12falski
Feb 12falski
Jan 12sandimas
Dec 11louis moore
Nov 11falski
Oct 11falski
Sep 11kingdong1
Aug 11kingdong1
Jul 11Revolutionary Biscuit
Jun 11Pizzahun
May 11Revolutionary Biscuit
Apr 11vest
Mar 11rigby
Feb 11Revolutionary Biscuit
Jan 11Revolutionary Biscuit
Dec 10Revolutionary Biscuit
Nov 10falski
Oct 10Revolutionary Biscuit
Sep 10falski
Aug 10Revolutionary Biscuit
Jul 10falski
Jun 10falski
May 10Revolutionary Biscuit
Apr 10Dobbins87
Mar 10Revolutionary Biscuit
Feb 10Sp3ktor
Jan 10hoopssunday
Dec 09sven gottanerection
Nov 09Revolutionary Biscuit
Oct 09Revolutionary Biscuit
Sep 09Revolutionary Biscuit
Aug 09falski
Jul 09Dotmund
Jun 09Revolutionary Biscuit
May 09rigby
Apr 09new_matt
Mar 09jellyneck
Feb 09peterseychelles
Jan 09sven gottanerection
Dec 08Revolutionary Biscuit
Nov 08Sp3ktor
Oct 08new_matt
Sep 08quizking
Aug 08Wardonkey
Jul 08shamrockgaels
Jun 08ajheath
May 08nict
Apr 08Wardonkey
Mar 08quizking
Feb 08Wardonkey
Jan 08quizking
Dec 07quizking
Nov 07quizking
Oct 07Dave
Sep 07Wardonkey
Aug 07Wardonkey
Jul 07MarkFry
Jun 07MarkFry
May 07Wardonkey
Apr 07Dave
Mar 07quizking
Feb 07quizking
Jan 07Wardonkey
Dec 06Wardonkey
Nov 06quizking
Oct 06quizking
Sep 06quizking
Aug 06rawedge